Neon (cold_mindfeilds) wrote,

When did things get so fucking complicated anyway? Its starting to feel as if i am being deprived of everything i once used to know...he is just so sad and miserable and does nothing about it....i have to keep him going and honestlly i'm just tired....i want to move on with my would be nice if i could keep him there as well....but i'm tired of being smothered and suffocated...why is it that you fuck up and your aloud to be angry....why is it that when i'm happy you have to be sad.....i wish it all would work.

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    i never write bothers me.....Katie called me and i couldnt answer the damn phone cause i was at work...i love Katie i mis my katie <3…

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    your redemption lasted one day....good job asshole how many chances do you have to be given until you actually take advantage of the opportunity…

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    Alrighty I made it to sweden...called mike to let him know i was alive....ate awsome awsome food, now i´´m gonna go for a walk and smoke i wont be…

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