Neon (cold_mindfeilds) wrote,

I am so happy and so content right now.....went to my job this morning and did nothing! went to the bank, saw Kim and Dave. Went home had lunch then went shopping, bought a green elt, undies, jeans, and some shorts...whn I was in Abercrombie trying to pay for my stuff the guy behind the counter stares at me for a good while then leans and ask me how old I am , with a look of confusion i respond "18". do you have a job..."yea", you want another!? "sure" ok our manager is right there go talk to him, we mingle he helps me out with everything and is thrilled about me for some sick reason. So looks like i might have a more permanent job now ey? plus an awsome discount. Then off to work I go..its was canceled due to rain yet i still get paid woot...go over to mike's and proceed to have the best night ever.... i cook food we watch movie..we loose interest in movie...and tada perfect moment...he loves it...

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    i never write bothers me.....Katie called me and i couldnt answer the damn phone cause i was at work...i love Katie i mis my katie <3…

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    your redemption lasted one day....good job asshole how many chances do you have to be given until you actually take advantage of the opportunity…

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    When did things get so fucking complicated anyway? Its starting to feel as if i am being deprived of everything i once used to know...he is just so…

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