Neon (cold_mindfeilds) wrote,

People and their drama bug me I think they just need to chill the fuck out. Its almost like people have been going out of their way to completelly tweak me and I've had no peace at all with the exception of prom were it pretty much was me and Mike night. We left early and just sat on the beach it was beautiful. Then I dropped him back off and started heading south were tada Rick answers his phone for once thus making my evening a lil more pleasant with his drunken blabber. I do beleive I a the last person to get served at starbucks that night...i think the girl thnks i'm insane she saw me come in and order coffee 4 times in a span of about 6 hours.Beside the point though.. later I got a call from Kim telling me I had to come get her I had to stop my fun and attempt responsibillity. Next day had food...did some to see Rick and company so that was pleasant even though I thought the entire time my phone was lost since apparentlly Kim is blind to cup holders. it worked out though. So ysterday I returned Mike's tux and left school early cause I felt like shit and didnt read for cruz. Today was just a long to windsuf and take an amazing shower...but was fukin freezing all day and finally at the end when i was warm i walk outide to find it pouring i stopped at starbucks with kim on the way home for a square break an to be reasured by rick that yes he does work tomorrow and that there is hope after all that i wont be all alone in my waiting.

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    your redemption lasted one day....good job asshole how many chances do you have to be given until you actually take advantage of the opportunity…

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