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Yesterday was an awakening so to speak. I put my dress on hold, went and bought a shirt then met kim at starbucks.....we had our coffee then she went with me to two meetings at south miami. i saw a bunch of people that i recognized from better way so that as nice. i got my green chip (for how many meetings in total that i've gone to ...i think its a lil more than 60 but still) sobriety has lasted longer though. went to daves.............went to jimmy's...went home...i got to talk to mike yesterday so that made me happy. woke up this morning it was beautiful outside...i dd yard work with my dad and hadbreakfast...then mike is our 6 month...i expected it to go know what....i didnt get a single i'm happy for you babe or good job love no love no encouragement...instead he is pissed off at me and is practically yelling at me saying why did you go to a meeting why did you pick up a green chip! so now i feel like shit and just cry .....alot.....i dont understand what i did e doesnt want me to go out and get high or be around those who are but i'm not allowed to go to meetings either? wtf...i love him but i cant do this.
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