October 31st, 2005

the physical fades

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i never write anymore..it bothers me.....Katie called me and i couldnt answer the damn phone cause i was at work...i love Katie i mis my katie <3
i love my mike, i hate my job, my managers wife got me my college papaers i swear she is such a sweatheart. i think thays the only thing that keeps me at my job...the people i work with....the explorer is becoming mine i just have to wait liie a month or so for my dad to buy my mom a new car. lets see...i am starting a new painting...i fixed my computer *tada* so yea thats about it....... things have become so different...its freaking me out...kinda in a good way.

i want a hershey sunday pie...but they are all out...BK can kiss my ass...
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